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Drones in home inspections help inspectors to carefully examine a house using the latest technology. Here are the advantages of hiring a home inspector who uses a drone during their inspections.

Drones in Home Inspections Give High-Resolution Pictures of Hard-To-Access Areas

Traditionally, a home inspector climbs on a ladder to access and inspect your roof. However, drones allow them to inspect steep roofs or roofs with complex architectural features that are unsafe to walk on or inaccessible.

Using a drone to inspect buildings gives the inspector a birds-eye view of dangerous areas. Although an inspector without a drone can assess a roof, they may have difficulty accessing some places, which are then left out of the inspection. A drone can capture an image from a precarious angle that an inspector would never be able to reach on their own. Drone images are included in the inspection report, so you have a full idea of the roof’s condition before buying a home.

Drones in Home Inspections Inspect All Types of Roofs

Using drones in home inspections allows the inspection of any roof, no matter what materials it is made from or what condition it’s in. Without a drone, certain roofs may be left out of a home inspection or the inspector may be limited to only certain areas of the roof that are safe to access.

Determine The Extent of Damage

Drones provide high-resolution images showing the condition of a roof. A home inspector can zoom in on the image to find issues on the rooftop and pinpoint damaged areas that might lead to leaks and water damage.

Also, the home inspector can identify roofing problems such as chipped tiles, broken or missing shingles, or rusting or missing flashing. Determining the extent of damage will help you choose between roof replacement or repair.

Ability to Gather In-Depth Data

Although there’s still a need for human expertise when interpreting drone images, a drone-based inspection provides accurate details about the building. By accessing difficult-to-reach areas, drones collect more data than an inspector can gain from traditional inspection methods.

Drones Provide Detailed Information About the Surrounding Areas

Another benefit of using drones is the provision of aerial photos of the entire property. When buying a home, you are usually also buying some of the surrounding property. During inspections, drones can fly over neighboring power lines and trees to confirm their spacing. Viewing the building from above will help you make a more informed buying decision.

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