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Wintertime Moving is More Complicated

Moving to a new home, regardless of the season, is difficult and stressful. Winter is an especially tough time to move, given the shorter days and the possibility you’ll have to deal with inclement weather. Continue reading for tips on how to make moving during winter easier.

Adjust the Moving Date to Weather Conditions

The weather during the winter season is highly unpredictable and can change quickly. Keep an eye on weather forecasts during the week of your planned relocation.

If the weather forecast calls for bad weather on a certain day, don’t hesitate to contact your movers and request to reschedule. When hiring a moving company during wintertime, ask for their policy on bad weather and what their notification process is for updates on weather delays.

Keep Your Things Safe from the Weather When Moving During Winter

When packing your belongings for a move, be sure to protect them from the weather. Dishware and glass are vulnerable to temperature changes and are more susceptible to fractures when the temperature drops.

The transition from the heat of your house to the cold outdoors can be eased by insulating the boxes with thick blankets. To minimize exposure to extreme cold, consider loading these things into your moving container last. Electronics are also affected by the cold. It’s best to set these aside and transport them in your car rather than moving containers.

Prepare Yourself to Move Early

One thing to be mindful of when moving during winter is that there are fewer daylight hours than in the spring and summer. Get your move underway early so you have plenty of time before it gets dark. Don’t risk moving after dusk, as it’s less safe and even colder than during the day.

Make Sure Your Flooring Is Protected

The combination of snow, ice, mud, and rock salt, will damage your flooring if you don’t prepare properly. Place floor covers along hallways and in rooms to protect the floor. Also, place doormats at entry points where people can wipe their feet before entering your home. Moving professionals understand the importance of protecting your floors and will come prepared to do so.

Ask for Help When Moving During Winter

It’s not a good idea to attempt moving during winter alone. Ask for help from friends, family, or hire a professional moving service. Ice and snow will make surfaces slick and will need to be addressed quickly. The more help you have, the faster these concerns can be addressed.

Bring Emergency Supplies with You When Moving During Winter

Winter brings unpredictable obstacles, including wrecks and breakdowns. Keep an emergency kit with you in the event that something bad happens to your vehicle at some point during the move. Include food, water, hand warmers, road flares, and a flashlight in your emergency kit.

Keep Sidewalks and Driveways Free of Snow and Ice

To prevent harm or damage to your stuff the day of the move, make sure that all sidewalks and driveways are clean. Salting the concrete and removing the snow with a shovel will make moving easier.

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