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When you’re selling your house, the buyer may request that the sale be contingent on a professional assessment of the property and the information detailed in the inspection report. Take these steps to properly prepare for a home inspection.

Provide Access When Preparing for a Home Inspection

A professional home inspector will thoroughly review the components of a home that are accessible. Make sure that every area is easy to get to and not blocked by clutter.

If you have moving boxes stacked around your furnace, for example, the inspector may note that they were unable to inspect the appliance. This can serve as a red flag for your buyer, who will want reassurance that the furnace is in good working order. Be sure to also provide access to the attic, closets, crawlspace or basement, and the garage.

Clean the House

A major part of preparing for a home inspection is cleaning the house, which will help to streamline the process and ensure a thorough inspection. A home inspector won’t be able to inspect areas blocked by clutter. A messy house that presents challenges to the inspector sends the wrong message and may result in an incomplete inspection.

Fix Small Things to Prepare for a Home Inspection

When preparing for a home inspection, repair minor issues like dripping faucets or burnt-out light bulbs. This prevents the inspector from noting a minor issue on the inspection report. They may record that the light failed to turn on, leaving your buyers to wonder if there is an issue with the fixture or the electrical system. Fix simple things before the inspection so that a minor problem doesn’t jeopardize the deal.

Gather Your Paperwork

If you have paperwork proving that you fixed an issue or replaced a big-ticket item, make a copy for the inspector. Likewise, if you have documentation that sheds a favorable light on your home, provide it. Don’t hesitate to show the inspector receipts, permits, and contracts that show any upgrades and work completed on your home.

Taking these steps will help you and the home inspector. Your property doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s important that you do your part to have a successful inspection. If you don’t prepare for the inspection, you risk losing your buyer over problems that could have been avoided.

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