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If you’ve transitioned to working from home, you may not have an ideal office. Even in a home with minimal square footage, you can create a comfortable and functional workspace. Here are a few ideas for locations to create a small home office.

Use the Kitchen Island for a Small Home Office

Many kitchen islands are already equipped with power outlets and storage areas. If you can handle food preparation on the remaining countertop space in your kitchen, use the island for your home office. Drawers can hold office supplies. Shelves provide the perfect place to set up your printer or to store a small file box for documents.

Commandeer an Unused Closet

Create a small office in a closet that you don’t use. It doesn’t matter if you have a reach-in or walk-in closet, either type can become a functional workspace. Add a desk for your computer and choose a comfortable chair. If the closet already has shelving, use this space to store office supplies and equipment you’ll need to do your job. To brighten the area, paint the wall an appealing color. Mount your computer monitor to the wall to save deck space and make sure the closet has adequate lighting to prevent fatigue and eyestrain.

Make Space in the Living Room

Add a small desk to a corner in the living room to take advantage of infrequently used space. Position the desk near a window to enjoy natural lighting. Choose a chair that is comfortable and complements the style and decor of your living room.

Convert the Area Under the Stairs

The area under a staircase can become a useful home office. To save space, use a wall-mounted shelf as a desktop and attach your computer monitor to the wall. Find a small, but supportive chair and install good lighting in the space. Mount sconce lighting on the walls or hang a pendant lamp from overhead.

Create a Small Home Office in the Attic

Attic space can provide the perfect area for a home office. The attic is separated from the rest of the home and will be quieter and more private. Creating an attic office may require more extensive work, but a designated workspace will be worth the effort. Make sure you add several options for lighting and create a plan for heating and cooling your new office space.

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